We, Prato – Youth in transformation #4

An other image from the project “We, Prato – Youth in transformation.”

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In the photograph you can read in Italian the end of the sentence: “A Prato, dove tutto viene a finire: la gloria, l’onore, la pietà, la superbia, la vanità del mondo”* by Curzio Malaparte** in his book “Maledetti toscani.” ***

* “In Prato, where everything comes to end: glory, honour, compassion, pride, vanity of the world”

** Curzio Malaparte (9 June 1898 – 19 July 1957), born Kurt Erich Suckert, was an Italian journalist, dramatist, short-story writer, novelist and diplomat. His chosen surname, which he used from 1925, means “evil/wrong side” and is a play on Napoleon’s family name “Bonaparte” which means, in Italian, “good side”.

*** “Maledetti toscani” (1956) translated as “Those Cursed Tuscans”, Ohio University Press, 1964

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