B&W Photo Challenge Day 1

I was nominated by Daniel Movitz to post a Black and White Photo everyday for 5 days.
So here goes Day 1 of 5.

How could I not start with this image: the storm in Tuscany.

Place: Val d’Orcia, not far from Siena (Italy)

Camera: Mamiya RB 67

Film: T-max 100

Print: Ilford Warmtone

Feelings: A nice cloudy day. I see this image in the landscape and I decide to stop my car. I must take that photograph. The rain is far. A light breeze is touching my face. All of a sudden a thunder attract my attention. Dark clouds are coming closer. The breeze turns into a wind bends the top of the cypresses. Strong smell of wet earth. It is a fraction of a second and that moment is fixed on my negative… After that: rain.

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