Francesco Arese Visconti (1971) is an experienced and published photographer. He worked for important museums and public institutions. Arese Visconti is the Head of the Media Communications Department and Photography Program Coordinator at Webster University Geneva where he teaches visual communication courses. As a member of the research faculty at Webster, he focuses his work on the migration processes in Switzerland and in Italy. In 2012, he published the book ‘New World – Stories of African Immigration and Integration in Switzerland.’ In 2015, Arese Visconti completed two projects on the Italian-Chinese community in Prato (Itay): ‘Hidden Identity – The Italian-Chinese community in Prato’ and ‘We, Prato.’ His current work is about Italian migration in the Swiss Confederation. Ten images from this research project were exhibited in 2015 at the EXPO in Milan and are part of his Ph.D. research that is about to be completed at the University of Westminster (UK).

Member of the Union Suisse des Photographes Professionnels (USPP)